We genuinely care about our planet and our future. Sustainable printing is not just about using recycled materials, we look at each process and material to determine if there is a more
eco-friendly way to improve, from the power we consume to the final delivery, we find small improvements that collectively can make a real difference.

Talk to us about some of our plastic free alternatives like our liquid lamination.

Quality Assured

Quality is no mistake and our entire team believe that quality is deliberate, yes we have invested heavily in the latest equipment and systems that makes it easier to maintain the highest levels of quality and we guarantee and stand by our product and our service, but we also understand that talk is cheap, and words on a website cannot demonstrate this.

So recently we gained ISO 9001 certification, which is the world’s most recognised Quality Management System (QMS) standard


We live by one rule


Quality is just expected, but service provided through a ‘Can-Do’ attitude is our Mantra!

Vimal Italiya 


Italiya Graphics is a real mix of personalities and experience.
The team is headed up by cousins Vimal and Paras Italiya, who are aligned in their goal to disrupt the large format printing space in Australia.
Both Vimal and Paras have ‘Been on the tools’ they understand the machinery at the engineering and operator level and have worked in literally every area of digital print from the press to the die-cutters and plotters to hand gluing and the final packing. Clearly they must of loved Lego as kids because they are not happy unless they can pull apart a construction or specification and determine if there are areas that can be improved for Quality, Sustainability and Efficiency.
Only by challenging traditional thinking and methods have they have come up with some great innovations, such as their ‘Liquid laminate’ which provides a very similar finish to high gloss traditional plastic film, eliminating the use of plastics and ensures the product is also recyclable and is less cost, this is just one of the innovations that we are proud of at Italiya.
Although we are a relatively young company, we have a wealth of collective experience through our team and we are all committed to sustainable print and believe that Quality is deliberate!
We are a family at Italiya and we invite our clients and suppliers to be part of it. We don’t look for projects to print, we look for clients to partner with and take a long term holistic view.
Our door is always open (Covid permitting) and we invite you to take a tour and meet the team, including Rocky AKA ‘Accounts receivable’.



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